Gamezy Review: A New Fantasy Cricket Website is a new fantasy cricket platform developed by GamezKraft a gaming company launched in June 2017. It is a Bangalore, India based company.

Gamezy is fairly new and currently has contests for IPL matches only. There aren’t many users of Gamezy yet so the leagues are small.

Although you can get a referral bonus of Rs. 100 when you enter this referral code: 5RRYSL. You can't use it. I have Rs. 100 referral bonus and every time I try to join a league a message pops up asking me to deposit the exact amount of the entry fee. So you can’t even pay the entry fee partly with your cash bonus.

Moreover, Gamezy doesn’t have an app. Gamezy is only available as a website.

Besides the normal fantasy contests Gamezy also offers the following contests:

2nd Innings Contest - Sometimes, your team may not perform in the first inning. That's why we created 2nd innings contest exclusively on Gamezy. In this contest, you create a team just for the 2nd innings and score is calculated only on the basis of 2nd innings player performance.

Winsure Contest - Everyone wants to win. So we created a contest where everyone wins. Join it right away because you can't lose this one!”

Gamezy new so I wouldn’t recommend you to deposit and risk your own cash.

Here are the legit Fantasy sports apps that give you a referral bonus: