Top Money-Making Apps That Pay Via PayPal

apps that pay via paypal
I know it’s been a while but finally, it’s here: Top Money-Making Apps That Pay Through PayPal.

PayPal gift cards are my favorite way to get my rewards from any ‘money-making app’. Don’t you prefer PayPal too?

Getting payment through PayPal gives you the freedom to spend your extra-cash however you want. On the other hand, if it were a gift card of a specific (online)store you’d have no choice but to spend it in that store.

PayPal is an online payments system that allows you to transfer/receive payments from anywhere in the world. If you don’t have a PayPal account you can create one within minutes. But to activate your account you’d have to verify your bank account(s) that you want to link.

So below are the apps that pay through PayPal:

#1. Cashout:

cashout app
Cashout is one of the highest paying money-making apps. CashOut is available for all countries. So no matter where you are you can earn some extra cash with this app. You can earn coins for downloading apps, completing offers & surveys and also by referring your friends.

PayPal gift cards start from $3.

Other than PayPal, Cashout also allows you to redeem your coins for other gift cards. For example, if you are from India you can redeem Flipkart, Amazon, BigBaazar gift cards and more.

Withdrawal requests are completed within 5 days in case of PayPal cash.

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#2. AppKarma:

AppKarma is one of the oldest and most trusted apps in the business. On this app you can earn points for watching videos, downloading & playing games, completing surveys etc.

You can also earn 10% of the earnings of your referred friends. And to tempt your friends:- they will earn 300 points when they enter your referral code.

AppKarma would have been first in the list but the issue is that the PayPal gift card starts from $12 which is 12,500 points. It can take you months to reach the PayPal payment threshold.

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#3. Swagbucks App:

swagbucks app is a website where you can earn points for completing various tasks. Swagbucks app is the app where you can earn on the go.

The app is only good to earn on the go and complete mobile offers. You’ll find more offers and earning opportunities on the website. Read the Swagbucks review here

Unfortunately, the Swagbucks app is only available for a handful of countries including USA, AU, CA, and UK.

Minimum PayPal withdrawal starts from $5. But the points required to redeem may vary for different countries.

#4. SB Answer:

This is another app for the users of Here you can earn points by answering surveys and polls.

Unlike the ‘Swagbucks app’ SB Answer is available for users of from every country.

#5. CashKarma:

CashKarma is developed by the same developers as AppKarma. The only difference being you can earn by completing surveys on CashKarma. There are also fewer offers as compared to AppKarma.

CashKarma also has a lot of rewards that you can get in exchange for your points.

The minimum payout through PayPal is $12 for 12500 points.

#6. The Panel Station:

the panel station app
The Panel Station is a survey panel app where you can earn points for completing surveys. You’ll anywhere between 100-2,000 points per survey.

You can also earn points by referring your friends. For every friend that you refer, you will earn 500 points.

Payout through PayPal is available for select countries.

You can also take surveys on their website.
The Panel Station - Your Friend Himanshu Kumar has invited you to join us and earn along with him by sharing your valuable opinion.

Don’t forget to enter this referral code 29CB2F to earn 500 joining Bonus points.

#7. Toluna App:

toluna app
Toluna is another app where you can points for completing surveys. Like The Panel Station Toluna also has its own website too.

And of course, you can redeem your points for PayPal cash.

Other than surveys you can also answer polls for small amounts of points.

There is no referral program.

#8. Streebees:

Okay, so this is the 3rd survey app in a row. But this one has one perk that the other apps don’t offer.

There is no minimum payout and you don’t need to withdraw. Once you complete a survey, the reward will be sent to your PayPal account within 48 hours.

You can also complete many tasks to earn. Like recording how you make coffee.

#9. Slidejoy:

Slidejoy is my favorite among all the apps I listed here. Slidejoy lets you earn rewards for just using the slidejoy locker.

Basically, it works like this: Once you enable the slidejoy locker, you'll begin to see sponsored contents on your lock screen. Best thing is you don't have to interact with contents at all. You can continue to use your device normally and still earn rewards.

The sign-up process is simple. You can also sign-in directly with your Facebook or Google account.

In addition to PayPal rewards, you can get many gift cards like Amazon, Flipkart or top-up your mobile.

If you want some extra cash without doing anything, Slidejoy is the app for you.

Final Words:
So these are the app where you can earn and get the cash through PayPal. All the above-listed apps are legit. You can try any or all the apps.

Have you already used any of the apps? Feel free to share your views with me and other readers.

Did I miss any apps that pay through PayPal?