RozDhan App: Read This Before You Sign up

rozdhan app
RozDhan is an entertainment app for Indian Android users. On RozDhan, you can view news and other entertainment-related articles. The app also lets you earn some money by inviting your friends and using the app.

A few weeks ago I reviewed Lopscoop app. Lopscoop and RozDhan both have the same concept and almost the same user interface. Don’t worry if you didn’t read that review, you’ll find everything you need to know in this review.

What is RozDhan App:

RozDhan is an entertainment and news app where you can read articles, watch videos and view images.

The app also gives you the opportunity to earn cash by referring your friends and using the app.

Sign up Process:
1.Select your preferred language

2. Sign with your phone number, Google or Facebook and get Rs. 25

3. Go to the “Earn Money” tab and tap “Add” (under Add invite code) and enter this referral code-04H5CH to get Rs. 25(25+25 = 50).

Ways to Earn with RozDhan App:

Refer & Earn:
Like I mentioned above, the primary way to earn with RozDhan is by inviting your friends.

For every friend that enters your referral code after sign-up, you will get Rs. 5(1250 coins) and your friend will get Rs. 25.

Coins are converted to rupees after midnight.

You can also claim bonus coins for every day you check-in the app.

Payment Methods & Minumum Payout:

You can withdraw your earnings to your paytm wallet.

Minimum Payout: Rs. 200.

Is RozDhan Legit:

Doesn’t matter.


Here’s why: So after you have registered and entered someone’s referral code your total account balance will be Rs. 50. The minimum amount that you can withdraw is Rs. 200. And the only meaningful way to earn is inviting friends. But for every friend, you will only get Rs. 5.

So you would have to refer 30 friends to reach the payment threshold. If you have 30 friends and feel like you can convince them, go ahead and download RozDhan.

RozDhan is just a boondoggle that is trying to build on the concept of Lopscoop but falls short(intentionally). Not too short because Lopscoop also has the coins which are impossible to collect enough to redeem. But it still has a better referral system and legit.


  1. Coins are coverted but money will.not add to my balance ...i tthink it is fake


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