mCent Browser Trick: Earn Points Without Browsing

mcent browser points trick
So the mCent browser trick that I'm going to tell you about is the one I accidentally found while I was checking the score on Cricbuzz. If you have used Cricbuzz you know that its score page automatically reloads after regular intervals.

With this trick, you can earn unlimited points on mCent browser having to browse anything.

mCent is a recharge browser. On mCent you can earn points for browsing whatever site you want to and redeem those points for recharge. This app is free for all android users.

You can download the app from here. And register with this referral code to get bonus points: UJQ3W3I3.


How to Earn Points on mCent Browser without any Effort:

  1. So the first thing that you need to do is increase your device's screen timeout duration. As for the page to keep reloading and mCent browser to detect you surfing your screen needs to be awake.
  2. Open this link in your mCent Browser.
  3. Now just place your phone anywhere(safe) and sit back. Let the page reload itself.
The above-given page will reload after every 15 seconds so that it looks less suspicious.

As you earn more points the amount of point you earn tends to diminish. So have patience and check back after a few minutes to view your updated points.

Tip: You can do this at night- Set screen timeout to 'Never' and open the given page and go to sleep. But this might mess up your phone's battery.

Did this trick work? Do you know any other trick for mCent browser?

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