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nostra pro referral code
Nostra Pro Referral Code: HIM2880

Nostra pro/Nostra Gamus Pro is a fantasy sports app available for Android users where you can make predictions for various sports including cricket, football, and tennis. For every correct prediction, you will earn points and every incorrect prediction will give you negative points. The more points you earn the higher your rank will be in, meaning more cash. Nostra gamus pro works very much like the SportsQ of LuckyStars app. Don't worry if you don't use that app.

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In this review, you'll learn, how you can earn cash from the Nostra Pro app.

But first, is Nostra Pro Legit? 

Yes, nostra pro is a legit app and you'll also get a bonus of Rs.20 when you sign up with a referral code like this one- HIM2880.

So, you don't have deposit any money before you try the app, you can use the bonus.

Getting Started with Nostra Pro:

1. Download the app from this link.

2. Install and open the app. Log in with Google or Facebook.

3. Now enter a username and this referral code: HIM2880. Tick the checkbox to accept the terms & conditions and Update Details.

4. Enter your phone number and request OTP.

5. Enter the received OTP to verify your number.

6. Rs.20 will be added to your account which you can use to join contests.

How to Earn From Nostra Pro app:

It's pretty simple and hassle-free.

Here are the steps to play fantasy game on Nostra pro app:

1. Select a sport for which you want to play the prediction game. Nostra pro has 13 different sports for you to pick from!

2. After that, select a match under that sport.

3.  Now tap the 'Play' button to make predictions about various outcomes of the match like who will win the match, will any batsman score a century or not, etc. You can also swipe to predict.

You can make predictions up to 1 hour before the start of the live match(in case of sports like Football, Basketball) and 10 minutes in case of Cricket.

You will earn 10 points for every correct and -4 points for incorrect predictions.

For every match, you will get 3 powerups of each type. 

So, what are Power-ups?
Power-ups help you score more points.


There are 3 Power-ups:

1. Doubler: This doubles the points scored for a prediction. Meaning if you use this power-up for a prediction and prediction is true you get +2x10=20 points. But if the prediction is incorrect, you'll get double the negative points: 2x-4=-8. Be careful when you use this. Because if you use it on a prediction that doesn't come true you will get -8 points instead of -4 resulting extra deduction of 4n points from your overall score.

2. No Negative: Removes negative marking for a prediction. +10 points if correct/ 0 points if incorrect.

3. Audience Poll: This power-up will display how the other players have predicted and obviously it won't make any changes to the points you earn like the other.

You also have a bank of power-ups from where you can transfer a maximum of 1 power-up of each type per game. You can earn power-ups in your Bank by referring users to the Nostra pro app or you can buy them.

For every referral; you will get 2 bundles of powerups in your Powerup Bank.

A bundle is a set of 3 powerups, 1 of each type.

You can change your answers/predictions in the "In Play" tab.

To edit your answers-
  1. Navigate to the "In Play" tab.
  2. Select the contest for which you want to edit the answers.
  3. Select the match, by clicking on "Answers".
  4. Click on "Edit Answer" option on the right side of the questions.
4. After making all the predictions join a Contest. You can join contests by paying the entry fee. Like below is an H2H contest where the entry fee is Rs. 4 and the winner gets Rs.7.
nostra app contest
Prize amount and number of winners will depend on the number of entries/participants in the contest.

You can also join contests with multiple sets of predictions(if the contest allows multiple entries). After another entry, you can either copy the predictions you made earlier or do it again. You can use the same amount of power-ups for every entry.

There is also a Free Contes for every match where the top 5 participants win Rs.2-10 each depending on the popularity of the match.

5. Now just wait for the results.

Below is a video of me making predictions on the app:

Refer & Earn:

For every friend that signs up with your referral code/link, they get Rs.20.And you get 2 powerups of each type.

When your referred friend joins a paid contest you will get Rs.5 in your wallet.

And when they deposit 20 or more in the app you get Rs.5 more.

You can sign up with this referral code to get the sign-up bonus of Rs.20: HIM2880


You can withdraw your winnings to either Paytm wallet or bank account.

Minimum withdrawal limit is Rs.21 but for the first time, you need to withdraw Rs.100 or more else Rs.20 transaction fee will be charged. After that, no transaction fee will be charged.

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What do you think of Nostra Pro app? Have you tried it already? Share your views via the comment box below.


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  2. If you love sports, try out India's first live sports predictions game and win REAL money. Here's ₹ 40 for you to enter a contest - just download the app using this link or use my referral code ANK8374 at login.


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