StarPick Review: How it Works?

starpick-reviewStarPick is a UK based fantasy sports platform Co-founded by Ulf Ekberg, Trigam Mukherjee and Rohit Nair with their advisors and former cricketers Jonty Rhodes and V V S Laxman. It was launched in India on March 27, 2018.

Currently, StarPick only supports cricket and football but later on, it will support sports like kabaddi, football, hockey, basketball, formula 1 and other sports.

Since StarPick has just been introduced in India it offers free league in every match with Rs.20,000-100,000 in the prize pool.


How StarPick Works:

Before we talk about how StarPick works, you should create your account. You can either sign up or log in with Google or Facebook.

#1. Selecting Tournament:

After signing in you'll be taken to the Tournaments page. Here, you can select the tournament/league that you want to participate in.

You can choose from these three categories:
  • StarPick: Official tournaments & often with guarantees(even if the tournament don't fill up completely, it won't be cancelled )
  • User Created: These tournaments are created by users
  • Draft'n'go: Head-to-Head tournaments.
Hit the Enter button next to the tournament you want to join. Here, I'm joining the free tournament for the Mumbai vs Delhi match:
As you might have noticed in the above screenshot that this tournament has GW3sign. So, what does it mean?

GW stands for Gameweek. In each game week, 4 matches are played. GW3 means 3rd Gameweek.

stands for one match. This means that only one match is involved in this tournament. If it was GW33,  it would mean that this tournament involves 3 matches from the 3rd gameweek. You will need to create your team by selecting players from all the teams that are playing those 3 matches. The result will be announced after all the matches are concluded.

You can't select the VC(vice-captain) for this tournament.

#2. Creating Your Team

After you have clicked the Enter button you'll be taken to the Create team page.

Your budget is 100M. Everything else is the same as Dream11. The price of the players is based on the performance. You can select up to 3 All Rounders, 1 Wicket Keeper, 5 Bowlers and 5 Batsmen. And you need to select at least 1 WK, 3 Bowlers, 3 Batsmen and 1 All Rounder.

You can also filter the players according to their prices, team and status(injured, available & uncertain)

After you have created your team select captain(you will earn 2x points of the captain). 

Now hit the button shown in the screenshot below:

#3. Wait for the Result:

You'll get your prize money according to the rank of your team.

Redeem Options:

You can redeem your winnings to your bank account. You need a minimum of Rs.500 to initiate the withdrawal.

To withdraw your cash you need to verify your address and PAN card.

StarPick is Available for All Devices:

StarPick is available for all platforms. You can either access it through a browser or download the Starpick app.

Download the APP