Whaff Rewards App Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

whaff app review
Whaff Rewards Pays you for downloading apps, watching videos and referring friends.

How to Get Sign up Bonus:
1. Download Whaff App from here
2. Open the app and login with your Facebook account.
3. After you have logged in you'll be asked to enter a referral code. Enter this code: JL57887
4. That's it. You'll get $0.300.

Ways to Earn From Whaff Rewards App:

App Download Offers:

You can earn by downloading sponsored apps.

Sometimes you can earn more by keeping the app installed on your device for a certain time or reaching a level or playing the game.


There are two video providers at Whaff.

You can only view one video from each video ad provider.  Each video pays $0.005 so you can earn up to $0.010 from videos.

Referral System:

You can earn $0.300 for every friend that signs up and enters your referral code. Your friend too will get $0.300 when he enters your referral code.

Rewards at Whaff Rewards App:

From Whaff app you can get PayPal cash, Flipkart gift card, iTunes gift card, Etherium, Bitcoin Amazon gift card, Facebook gift card and much more.

Payouts are made within 3 days excluding weekends.

Is Whaff Rewards Legit?

Yes, Whaff is a legit app to make some money with your phone.

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  2. WHAFF Already No payment has been made.

    Already is SCAM.


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