WinZo App Referral Code-HIMC2218|How to win Paytm Cash

winzo app referral code
WinZO App Referral Code-HIMC2218 ] With this app you can win unlimited PayTM cash by answering simple questions and playing fun games.

So, want to know more about Winzo? And exactly what you'll get with referral code of WinZO app. Read on to get all of your questions answered.


What is WinZO app? 
WinZO is an app available for Android users. With this app, you can win unlimited PayTM cash and other products like iPad, Bose Speaker, Fitbit Alta Tracker, Google Pixel 2 and more. All you need to to do is play challenges which contain simple puzzle games, quizzes.

One of the things that I liked about WinZO is the availability of 5 different languages. You can play quizzes in 5 different Indian languages including Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi.

WinZO App Referral Code to Register:

1. First, Download the WinZo app by Clicking Here

2. Open the app and choose your language.
select language

3. Tap on Verify Number with OTP.
verify number

4. Enter your Number and received OTP to verify your Mobile Number. (Make sure you enter the number which is registered with your Paytm wallet)
enter number and otp
5. Enter this Referral code: HIMC2218. And tap on Continue with Facebook then login to your Facebook account.
enter WinZO Referral Code
6. Select at least 5 interests for which you'd like to receive challenges.

7. Now Play a challenge by tapping on Play Challenge-Play Now.
play challenges

8. After completing step 7 you'll receive Rs.3(for using referral code) and Subscription Plan of Rs.50 or Rs.25 for free. You can read more about WinZo Subscription packs below in this review.
free winzo subscription
winzo subscription

How to win Prizes on WinZo app:

You can win PayTM cash prizes just by playing fun games and answering simple questions correctly during a contest.

WinZO holds hourly contests with different Prize Pools.

Different Prize Pools have a different Prize distribution system. 

To compete in these contests, you'll need to play Challenges.

Every challenge contains 4 questions or 3 or 2 questions and 1 or 2 games. You'll need to answer every question correctly. Don't worry, questions in the WinZO challenges aren't difficult and you just need to select the correct answer from the given options.

Your rank is decided based on the time you take to complete the challenge.

How to Play WinZO Challenges:

1. Tap on Play Challenge on the home page of the WinZo app and then tap on Play Now.

2. A challenge has 4 games/questions. Complete the challenge by answering the questions correctly and solving puzzle games.

3. Now, see what your rank is.

Your rank will keep on changing as other users finish the challenges in more or less time than you.

So if your rank is not one of the prize-winning ranks you can play the quiz again, complete the challenge in more/fewer seconds than before, and change your rank.

But the number of times you can play quizzes/challenges is limited. And the limit is according to your subscription.


You need a subscription pack to be able to play the challenges.

Thankfully, when you sign up with this (or any other) referral code: HIMC2218 you'll get Rs. 50 or Rs.25 subscription pack and Rs. 3 for free. So, you don't have to spend anything to try the app.

Rs. 50 subscription plan contains:
  • With this plan, you can play 100 challenges.
  • Earn up to 2 Levels.(Levels can be redeemed for vouchers and electronic products)
  • Play Special challenges
  • Valid for 1 week
  • And earn Rs. 0.05 for every correct attempt (every challenge that you complete by answering all questions correctly). So, you can earn up to Rs. 5
I prefer this plan because I can play 100 challenges. And that's more than enough for me as it is valid only for 1 week. Other plans are good too but their validity, compared to the of challenges, low

Other subscription plans go up to Rs.449.

After the subscription expires you can play challenges for free for 2 days. But your winnings won't be sent to your wallet. To claim your prize you'll need to subscribe. And after that,(only) your latest winnings will be automatically sent to your WinZO wallet.

Prizes that you might have won earlier (after the subscription expired and before subscribing) will be forfeited.

Even when your subscription expires you can transfer cash to Paytm wallet.

Refer & Earn:

For each friend that enters your referral code, you both get Rs.3 nd when your friend wins a challenge you get Rs.0.1 in your WinZO wallet. And when your friend subscribes you get Rs. 3.

You can find your referral code by tapping on the Share button.

WinZO Gold Daily Leaderboard:

In this leaderboard you can win up to Rs. 500 of paytm cash depending on your rank and prize pool. 

To participate in the leaderboard you need to buy Play Unlimited Challenge Pack which costs Rs. 10-15. Depending on the price of the pack you'll be able to play unlimited challenges for 7-10 minutes. Only your correct challenges count. So the more challenges you complete correctly the higher you'll rank. 

What is WinZO Wallet? 

Earlier, winnings and referral bonus were directly sent to users Paytm wallet. But now all your earnings will be added to your WinZO wallet. You can use this cash to buy a subscription or transfer it to your Paytm wallet.

How To Transfer Cash From WinZO Wallet to Paytm:
  1. Tap on Membership tab
  2. tap on Send To Paytm Button
  3. Now Tap on the Transfer to Paytm button. (You can't select the amount that you want to transfer) 
  4. Your cash will be instantly sent to your Paytm account. (watch the video below)

Is WinZo Legit?

Yes.  WinZO is a legit app that pays you Paytm cash for playing fun puzzle games and referring your friends.

If you're worried about buying, don't. You will always earn more than what you'll spend on subscriptions.

 And remember there is no WinZO hack or hacked apk. Websites or blogs that claim to have some kind of trick(s) or mod apk are just trying to get views and trick you.

I have added the Paytm payment proof below:
payment proof
payment proof

Have any Questions about the WinZO App? Feel free to ask me via the comment box below. 


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