Rooter App Review: How to Predict & Earn PayTM Cash & more

rooter app review
Rooter, its name can make anyone think that it is an app for rooting android phones. That’s what I thought. Every time I saw this app on play store I just ignored it since I didn't want to root my smartphone.

But one day, I saw this app on my friend’s mobile. That’s when I found what Rooter really is. I was a bit shocked to see that; Rooter wasn’t a rooting app but a Predict & Earn app.

I joined Rooter a few months ago and found it to be a great app to earn some cash. So I thought to write this Rooter review to help you earn from it.

In this review, you will learn what Rooter is and how you can earn from this app.

On Rooter you can predict on live matches. You earn coins if your prediction comes true. The coins you earn can be redeemed for PayTM cash, Amazon Gift Card or other merchandise.

Now you can predict for as much as 7 different sports and also stay up to date with the latest news related to every sport and live Scores.

Here is the description of Rooter on Play store: “Make predictions during a live match, connect with other fans near you on the match forum, root for your team, see who the best Rooter is and much much more. Your live match experience will never be the same.

Ever wondered how it would be like if there was a way to find people you don’t know with similar sport interests around you? A person supporting the same team or supporting the same player living around your work place or home? Isn't it boring to sit back at home and watch matches alone?

You can change the way you follow sports with Rooter - the new mobile sports app. Rooter aims to connect you with fans with similar sports interests around your workplace and home. And an infinite number of sports fans around the world. “

What is Rooter?

Rooter is a simple predict & win app which allows you to predict during live matches and earn money.

Rooter is quite simple to use, the layout is self-explaining. Its simple design is just one of the things that encouraged me to write this review. It’s so easy to use that even a 10-year-old could earn from it. It took me less than 10 minutes to figure out the concept, but you’ll learn it faster.

If you forget something, you can rush to Rooter’s own FAQ page for help.

How to Earn on Rooter?

Here’s the step-by-step guide to help you make money faster.

Watch the video for a quick walkthrough

#Step 1: Select Your Sport(s).

So, what’s your favourite sport, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Tennis..? You can choose any of the 7 sports or all of them. I recommend you to choose all the seven games. “Why?”….. Well, because we all know a thing or two about these sports and that’s enough to make the predictions/pick your cards (I’ll explain ‘cards’ later).

You can predict on all cricket matches (IPL, World CUP, T20, ODI, etc.) by selecting this option under Cricket:
Make prediction and earn

This option is only available for cricket. For other sports, you can only select particular league/tournament/championship.
select team

But no matter what league you select you can predict for all leagues/tournaments.

During sign up, Rooter will ask you to select your sports and your favourite team too. You can change your selection any time, by going to Edit Profile.
edit profile

#Step 2: Make Prediction/Pick your Cards.

On the home screen, you can see live matches as well as upcoming matches. The matches for which prediction is open will have this button below:
prediction button

To see only live matches click the button in the centre (see above screenshot).

You can generally predict 30 minutes before the match begins. Some matches also have Pre-prediction option- you can predict 60-300 hours before the game begins. Pre-match predictions are for the entire match.
pre match prediction

When you see the, Pick Your Cards' button, tap on it, now select the team you are supporting. After this select your cards.

”Wait! Wait! Wait!.... What are cards?”

Well.... Cards are nothing more than simple predictions. Take this card for example:

So, what’s written on the card? “ Stokes to score most runs in first 10 overs” It’s a possible scenario. It may or may not happen. When the prediction written on this card comes true ( Stokes scores most runs in first 10 overs", the user will earn 5 points/coins. Simple right?

Let’s pick your cards….

Now select the cards (predictions) which you think can happen in the match. Each card costs 1 coin, but they can earn you 2 to 5 coins. There are 3 types of cards 2 coins, 3 coins & 5 coins card. 2 coins cards have a high probability, 3 coins cards have medium, and 5 coins cards have a low probability of occurring. Each card will only cost you 1 coin.
pick your cards


Once you’ve selected your cards ‘submit’ and confirm. On the "confirm" screen you can see how many coins have been deducted and how many coins you will win if all your predictions come true.

After confirming you can’t change your cards.

You can predict more than once during a match:
  • In a football game, there are two sessions of 45 minutes. You can make predictions for each session before the session starts. You can make predictions two times in a football match
  • An ODI match is divided into 4 sets of 25 overs each. You can make predictions for every 25 overs.
  • A test match has 3 sessions on each day of 30 overs. You can make predictions for each session.
  • A 20-20 match is divided into 4 parts of 10 overs each.
  • A Kabbadi match has 2 sessions- first half and 2nd half.
  • Tennis games are divided into sessions as per each set.
  • Basketball is divided into two sessions of two quarters each.

You can also win PayTM Cash by ranking in top 3 in the leaderboard (users who earn the most coins in a match). Prizes are not specified. The PayTM prizes will be sent to your registered number within 6-7 business days after the match.

How to Get 2x Coins:

You can win 2x coins for the prediction (card) you select. You can only double your coins for one card per match. To double the coins tap on the 2x button on the right corner. Now select the card for which you want 2x your coins and tap on confirm. And the best part is no extra coins are deducted for applying 2x to cards.

For example, you want to double your earnings for a 3 coin card. only 1 coins will be deducted from your account and if the prediction comes true you will get 6 coins. So it's a win-win situation.

Rank top in a Group:

Now you can earn more coins by earning the most coins in a group.

You can accept a group invite if you received one. Or you can create your own group. A group serves two purposes- 1.It lets Rooters chat and communicate 2. It helps you earn more coins if you rank in the leaderboard of the group.

But to be eligible to win coins you need to pay 5 coins to participate in the match-contest. A contest is: when the group admin adds a live match to the group which costs him 5 coins as a participation fee and an invitation is sent to every group member. Now the members can accept or reject the invitation. Accepting it will cost the member 5 coins.

In the end of the match, coins will be distributed among the top 5 participants who have earned most coins during the match. Amount of the coins won depends on the number participants.

To create a Group follow these steps:
  1. Tap "chat"
  2. Tap on the green add button (+)
  3.  Now give the group a name and add people

Weekly Leaderboard:

win paytm cash prizes

Be one of the top 10 Rooters(earn most coins) in a sport during a week and win PayTM cash prizes ranging from Rs. 250-50. Each sport has a separate Weekly Leaderboard. For example; Football and Cricket have separate Leaderboards.

Terms and Conditions:
  1. A weekly leaderboard is calculated from Monday until Sunday of a week.
  2. A match is added to weekly leaderboard after it ends.
  3. All leaderboards are calculated in GMT.
Rank and Prizes:
rank and paytm cash prizes

Tournament Leaderboard:

In the Tournament Leaderboard, top 100 Rooters-
The users who earn most coins during a tournament like SRL Tour of India or BPL- are awarded from Rs.25-500 of PayTM Cash.

  • To enter the tournament leaderboard, you need to play the prediction game of at least one match of the tournament.
  • Prize money will be transferred to your PayTM account.
PayTM Prize Distribution:
1st: Rs.500
2nd: Rs. 400
3rd: Rs. 300
4th: Rs. 200
5th: Rs.100
6th-75th: Rs. 50
76th-100th: Rs. 25

Invite Friends:

invite friends and get 5 coins per friend that plays a match. And for being your referral your friends get 50 coins. 

You can also win PayTM cash by ranking in the top 3 influencers  (Rooters who refer most users).
invite and win

Payment Options & Minimum Payout:

Earlier, users could only redeem their coins for Rs. 100 and Rs. 1000 Amazon gift cards for 200 and 1200 coins respectively. PayTM was coming soon option. But, thankfully, Rooter added PayTM redeem option. You can get Rs. 100 cash for 400 coins and Rs. 300 for 1000 coins

Amazon and Paytm vouchers have been removed from the coins redemption page. You can no longer exchange your coins for Paytm cash Amazon gift cards.

Currently, this is the best app to earn PayTM Cash by answering quizzes

Rooter app review

Merchandise Redeem option: Now users can exchange their coins for sports merchandise, tickets and other such offers.

Coming Soon Feature:

Rooter’s founder is constantly trying to make this app better. I thought of writing this review because of his dedication.

Refill: You have two lives on Rooter. When you have 3 coins or less you can use your 1 life to get 50 coins.


Rooter was on the best prediction app a few months ago. But if you want to earn some cash for predicting, not anymore. Because all that is left on the redemption page are discount coupons. Unless you just want to predict for fun Rooter is garbage. I love sports too but wasting so much time for nothing fun when you can earn from other apps sounds dumb to me.

If you are looking to make some cash by predicting and playing fantasy sports click the link below:
Fantasy Sports Apps


  1. Is making a group useful ? And if yes what the process

    1. Rooter is not only for earning money, but also to allow sports lovers to interact with each other.

      A Group is to interact with other Rooter users and also you can earn more coins by earning most coins in the group. Follow the steps below:

      1. Tap "chat"
      2. Tap on the green add button (+)
      3. Now give the group a name and add people

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