Dream11 Referral code: Get ₹100 Per Referral

dream11 referral code
Dream11 referral code: SLEOW1BC

You might have heard of dream11 and know what it is, right?

But, don't worry if you are totally clueless, below is a quick overview to get you started:
Dream11 is a fantasy sports platform that gives you the opportunity to create your own team & play Fantasy Cricket, Football, Kabbadi, and NBA and win huge cash prizes.

Sr. no Dream11 Refer Code Bonus Amount
1 SLEOW1BC Rs. 100

Dream11 is available on the web and also you can download the dream11 app for Android and iOS. So you can create and play fantasy cricket on the go. But, to get your Rs. 100 cash bonus you need to register with Dream11 App and with a Dream11 referral code.


In this Dream11 review, you’ll learn how to get Rs. 100 bonus.  Oh! And also some tips to create your winning fantasy team.

How to Get Your Rs. 100 Bonus:

1. Download The Dream11 App.

2. Open the app and tap on the "Have a Referral Code" below 'Lets Play' button.
dream11 referral code
enter code

3. On the next page, enter this Dream11 invite(referral) code SLEOW1BC, your mobile number, email address, and password. And tap the Register button.
enter refer code
Enter referral code and details
4. You'll receive an OTP to your registered number. Enter the received OTP to Verify your number.
5. Now, verify your email address. You'll get Rs.100 instantly after you verify your email.

Dream11 Referral Program:

You can earn up to Rs.100 for each friend that signs up in the app and enters your referral code.

Your friend will also get Rs.100 when they enter your referral code.

For example; when you enter the referral code during sign up on the Dream11 app you will get Rs. 100.

Invite and earn program is only valid for the Dream11 app. So your friend needs to sign up within the Dream11 app which is available for both iOS and Android to get the joining bonus.

You can use  Rs. 25 or 10% of bonus per match (whichever is higher)

How Dream11 Works (Cricket)

Create Your Fantasy Team:

Select any match from the "Fixtures" tab.

You are the SELECTOR. You create your own team.

You can select 11 players from both the teams between whom the match is. You have a budget of 100 credits. Each player costs certain credits and you have to select players such that you don't exceed your budget.

You can select maximum 7 players from one team, for example, if the match is between IND and AUS, you can select maximum of 7 players from IND or AUS.

There is also a limit on the maximum number of all-rounders, batsman, and bowler you can pick.

You can select the maximum and minimum of:

3 All-Rounder
5 Batsman
5 Bowler
1 Keeper

From the selected players you'll need to choose one Captain and Vice Captain. You'll get 2x (double) points for Captain and 1.5x points for Vice-Captain:

team captain
select captain and vice-captain

I prefer to select all-rounder as captain and vice-captain(if they are performing well). Because they can bowl as well as bat.

useful links:

For a match, you can create as many as 6 teams.

You can review your team and change any player or C and VC 1 hour before the match begins.

Tips for Selecting your WINNING Cricket TEAM:
  • Before creating your team research about the pitch, is the pitch favorable for bowlers or batsman? Spinners perform better or fast bowlers? Is this pitch a high scoring one?
  • Also, find out about the players that play better on that pitch.
  • Look at the scorecard of both the teams of recent matches. See, the players which are playing better.
  • Be ready to change your team. Sometimes players get injured and as a result, they do not play the next few matches. So, always keep track of the news regarding the match. I recommend ESPNCricinfo and Cricbuzz. This app will keep you stay updated.
  • Don't forget to select 3 all-rounders (if they are performing well), because even if they didn't bat well there is a good chance that they will take wickets. 
  • Create more than 1 team if you're joining leagues that allow multiple entries.
  • And Last: Most of the time it all depends on luck.
Or you can visit sites like IndianFantasy.in.

In the case of the mega contest: No matter how many hours you spent researching to create your team or teams at the end of the day it all depends on your luck. If your luck is with you even one team can win you thousands else even creating 6 teams won't do you any good.

Taking Part in Leagues:

Dream11 has two types of leagues: Cash Leagues and Practice Leagues. To join Cash Leagues you'll need to pay an entry fee. But, practice leagues are free and you won't win money in these leagues.

Join some Practice Leagues before going for Cash Leagues. This will give you an idea of how dream11 works and also you'll gain some experience, which will help you win in cash leagues.

Join the leagues in which the level of competition (number of teams) is low like in Rs. 35 league, only 2 persons can join this league and obviously there's only one winner(winner gets Rs.60).

So, there is very less competition, which increases your chances of winning. But the cash price of this league is also low, Rs. 60. There are many 2-team cash leagues ranging from Rs. 15-5,000 where your chances of winning are 50%.

Why should you avoid leagues with high competition?

Well, because there is too much competition which makes it almost impossible to win(if you are running out of luck). For example, take this league. The entry fee is Rs. 10 but total winnings= Rs. 50,000.
Join league

 Top 2500 teams will be awarded. Awesome right?

But there are 6,400 teams participating in this league. So, what's your chance of winning? However, if you wanna test your luck...

Besides these, there are cash leagues with higher entry fee ranging from Rs. 20 to Rs. 3,000 and winnings go up to 30,00,000!. Join the league that you like.


Results are announced 30-60 minutes after the match has ended. And if you won your winning amount will be added to your winnings.

Dream11 Levels:

By leveling up you can earn cash bonuses. Each level requires different criteria to be met to level up. For example to reach level; you need to play for about Rs.500  and join 71 contests. Once you have completed these tasks you'll get Rs.20 Cash bonus. You can check your level in the "Me" tab in the Dream11 app.


If you’re already on Dream11:
Based on your Dream11 playing history, you will be assigned a level. Join more Cash Contests and keep leveling up.

If you’re new to Dream11:
  • You will Level Up when you -
  • Register (Level 1)
  • Create your team (Level 2)
  • Join your first contest (Level 3)
  • Once you’ve reached Level 3, continue playing in more Cash Contests to Level Up further.

For example:
To get promoted from Level 20 to 21, you need to spend Rs. 30 more OR join at least 1 more cash contest

To get promoted from Level 74 to 75, you need to spend Rs. 175 more OR join at least 12 more Cash Contests

Is Dream11 Legit?

Yes, Dream11 is a legit platform to play fantasy sports. And below is the screenshot of the cash that I withdrew from dream11.
dream11 payment proof

It took 1 week for the payment to arrive.


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