mCent Browser Review: Browse and Get Free Recharge

mCent Browser Review: Browse and Get Free Recharge

mCent Browser is one of the best app available on Android to get Free Recharge. And it's not because of the variety of ways to earn recharge but because of the one and most amusing easiest way- browsing. Yeah; you heard me right. You just need to browse any site/blog you like to earn free recharge.

What is mCent Browser? 

mCent Browser is just a clone of Chrome with the added feature of ad blocking and It displays ads and shares a part of income with you in the form of recharge.

The ‘ad block’ feature will only block ads on websites, not the ads shown by the browser.

How mCent Browser Works

Like I said earlier, mCent browser is very easy to use. You don't have to visit any sponsored sites to earn points.

You may browse any site of your choice and still get your points.

mCent browser displays ads at the bottom of the screen and some full-screen ads.

They get paid for displaying the ads and share a part of their revenue with you. Besides these, sometimes video ads are also played, which is very annoying, but you can skip them after 6 seconds.

You can add the collected points to your account when you reach 1000 points.

For every 1000 points, you get Rs. 1. I know what you're thinking... "it's too low"

I agree. But...

It only takes 4-7 minutes to reach 1000 points. Besides, you are not working or anything., You are just doing what you do every day.

After collecting 1000 points of the day the points you get will be significantly less. e.g. on the 1st day, you will quickly earn 1000 points after that points will be slow. This happens every day. Everyday earning rate drops after 1000 points.

How to Earn Maximum Recharge with Boosters:

Make it your default browser- it is the best way to maximize your earnings. Because this way you will be using mCent browser for everything you do online. You will earn 1.1x more points as long as you keep it your default browser.

If you are concerned about your privacy you can use the browser for small tasks.  like, for searching information.

Refer your friends and earn 1.5x faster until midnight. Here's how-
1. Share mCent Browser from the app.
2. Your friend installs the app from your shared link.
3. Your friend uses the app and earns 1000 points
4. You get a notification that you have received your daily booster.

Add Widget- By adding the mCent browser widget to your home screen you will get a 1.1x boost for as long as you keep the widget.

Redeem Options:

You can redeem your cash for Data and Talktime Recharges.

You can only recharge "Enabled SIMs".

You can enable more than one SIM by going to View Account->SIMs.

Final Thoughts:

mCent browser is a great app to start earning recharge for the time you spend online anyway. But you can only earn recharge, not cash.

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Having trouble? Got any questions? Do you know any other app to earn money or recharge? Please share your thoughts via the comment box below.